Colin McElaney (’09) is heading off to film school next year at the University of Tampa, but “The Banana Project” marks the culmination of his effort to leave us with one final epic contribution to our catalogue of MSB classics.

Episode #1:

Episode #2:

Episode #3:

Bloopers, Outtakes, & Line-O-Rama:

Behind the Scenes Making-Of Featurette:  Posted over vacationfinal-cover



“The Banana Project” is presented above as it played out during homeroom over 4 consecutive days in April 2009. We will continue to add extra content (like a “making-of” featurette, which will be posted over April vacation) until it’s all right here on the movie’s official home page.

The cast and crew worked diligently to bring this movie to life, filming at locations all over town on mornings, nights, and weekends. Their commitment was on full display when they filmed a key scene on a Sunday night (a school night) from 8:30 p.m to 12:30 a.m. (we needed to film at Hubbard’s Cupboard after hours…we can’t offer enough thanks to owner Steve Doyle for allowing us to film in his store).

Everyone associated with this film was excited to share the finished product with our audience at MHS, and we hope that our future viewers enjoy the movie, as well.

“The Banana Project”

Written, Filmed, Directed, and Edited by Colin McElaney

Starring: Casey DeGust, Jon Mullen, Kelsey Bryant, Justin Grankewicz, and Tom McHugh

Second Camera Work by: Matt McCarty, Cory Vetrano, and Ryan Steward

Additional Acting by: Brian Shacochis, Deborah McHugh, Becca Stowell, Dan Bargar, Matt McHugh, Sophia McHugh, Declan Leahy, Garrett Leahy, Maria Vaughn, Tony Centeio, Scott MacDonald, Emily Machado, Colleen Murphy, Bryan Hernon, Robert Quigley, Maura Bulman, Kim McGourty, Chris Galvin, and Brendan Wills

Marshfield Student Broadcasting, 2009

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