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We use the term “PSA” as a catch-all phrase referring to any video project we put on the air. It may be, in the classic sense of the term, an actual public service announcement, but it just as likely could be a comedy short, or a promotional video to create buzz and interest for an upcoming event.

PSA Classics:

These video projects represent the best of our best from the past 4 years. Some of the videos posted below under “PSA Favorites” may, upon further review, ultimately shift up into the “Classics” category.


PSA Classics: BTB Favorites 05-06

PSA Classics: Shower Time

PSA Classics: What’s He Building?

PSA Classics: Battle Zone

PSA Classics: Coffee Cart


PSA Classics: BTB A Block Goodbye 07

PSA Classics: How to Save a Life

PSA Classics: Rap Battles

PSA Classics: Taylor’s Spark Notes


PSA Classics: Magic Vending Machine

PSA Classics: Max Sweat Gym

PSA Classics: Bad Cop

PSA Classics: Valentine Robot

PSA Classics: Official (Clipboards)

PSA Classics: K-Mac 3000


PSA Classics: Showtime! (The E Block News Musical)

PSA Classics:  Silent Movie


E Block Weather: Hot Sauce Mixtape

E Block Weather: Benny Bunson Trailer


Real Rams Recycle

Krump Weather

Dora the Explorer

Boys Will Be Girls


Middle School Flashback PSA

Love’s Wild Trailer

PSA Favorites:

These are some of our most noteworthy videos from the past 4 years.


Gangsta’s Paradise


The Lost Pilgrim

Slide Stop-Motion Video

G’s Fanny Pack

I Need Love (Music Video)

My Super Sweet Sixteen


Satellite TV

Sledding Video

Anti-Skip Squad

Cheating PSA

Weekend Planners 07: Apple Picking

Weekend Planners 07: Turkey Hunt



Senior Goodbye Video 2009

Senior Goodbye Rap (“Back in the Days”)

E Block “Before the Bells” Goodbye

A Block “Before the Bells” Goodbye

Snuggies Commercial

Tech Decks (Fingerboarding)

Valentine Brainstorming

The Love Doctor

Fancy Pants

Made: I Want to Be a Powder Puff Star!

E Block Weather Intro (08-09)

E Block Weather: Intern Search

E Block Weather: Groundhog Day (On Location…Sort Of)

E Block Weather: Pig Skin Trailer

E Block Weather: College Interview (with special guest Mike Gilbert)

Connor’s Solo “Before the Bells”

E Block Weather: Welcome Back Rap

E Block Weather: Where A-Mayes-ing Happens

Rumors PSA


Extreme Activities Challenge

Parking Boots

The Angry Dance

Toaster Talk

The Reluctant Graduate

Crazy H.O.R.S.E.

Super Action News Team

Marshfield 911

Faculty/Student Softball Tourney Promo

Ernie’z Car Lot

Mind Freak

Texting PSA

Bargar’s Vending Machine Prank

Super Duper Supermarket (Jon Went Shopping)

Wills Prepares for The Boxers

Cookie Bandit


Kelsey’s Music Video (Love Today)

Skipping PSA (Keuther is Watching)

School Song Field Report

Theme Music

Whatzit Championships

Matty’s Time Machine

Choi Highlights


Powder Puff Sign-Ups (Girls Only!)

4 Minutes (Passing Time)

Strut Your Stuff

Weekend Planners: Halloween Costume Shopping

Locker Raiders

Invisible Weather


Saving Halloween

Weather Commercial

TGIF Weather

Driving Safety

Lunch Line Cuts

Twilight Weather

Treehugger Trailer

Inner Thoughts

MHS Glee

Extreme Sledding

Brady Bunch

Stuck In An Elevator

November Rocks!

Coats for Kids (Goldilocks)

Weekend Planners: Arts and Crafts

Where’s Waldo

Made: Farmville

Gym Class Heroes

School Spirit Flags

Weekend Planners: Thanksgiving Dinner

Black Friday

Oceans Eleven Phone Rescue Scheme

Real High School Heroes: Mr. Oversized Backpack Wearer

Trick Basketball Shots

The Furby

Staying Warm in School Instructional Video

Weekend Planners: Christmas Caroling


Santa Letters

E Block Weather Reel (12-27-09)

A Block Weather Reel (12-27-09)

Dream PSA

Marshfield Shore Weather

Boom Box

The Real World: Telecom

E Block Weather Team: Global Icons

Gymnastics Weather

Cheating PSA

The Most Interesting Man in the School

MSB Cribs

Bob’s Valentine Search

Lost PSA: Eamon Video

2010 MSB Music Video Project

A Block Weather Reel (Winter 2010)

E Block Weather Reel (Winter 2010)

Friend Spray

People’s Court

Fifteen (Freshman Year)

Prison (Field Trip) Prep

Flash Forward

Lottery Winner

Cool Beans

New England Patriots vs. MHS Boosters (Charity Basketball)

2010 Senior Goodbye Video

Prom 2010

Bagby’s Sophomore Class President Campaign Video

Smart Test Prep

Ryan Downer

Frisbee Team


MHS Jungle


Jello Vs.

Bling Bling

Tongue Twisters

Take Your Daughter to Work Day

Mitch’s Cooking Show

Real High School Heroes: Hallway Wanderer

Stop Motion 2010

Broken Camera

Town Meeting

Who Dat Super Fan Training

Weekend Planners: College Visit

Snickers Diva

Wacky Bands

Christian’s Solo Weather Segments

BTB Highlights (Early Fall 2009)

E Block BTB Goodbye

A Block BTB Goodbye


The Biker

Physics Celebration Dance

Britney (The New Girl)

Culture Exchange

Power Outage

Yearbook PSA

Bully Bros

E Block Weather Reel

A Block Weather Reel

Adjectives PSA

Bad Horror Movie

Almeria Love Triangle

Haunted Courtyard Kid

Ram Power Energy Drink

The Scene-Over

Bully Girl

Battle of the Bands Promo

Columbus Day Weather

Ghost PSA

Chicken Dance (Parts I & II)

Hallway Safari

Whazzup Weather

There’s the Girl That I Like

Money Tree

Creepy Elevator

Texting Battle

Colors of the Wind

Fantastik Commercial

There’s an App for That

State Farm Spoof

Rams Den Commercials

Superlative Attack Ads

E Block Weather November/December Highlights

A Block Weather November/December Highlights

Mad Ill Beatz

Kevin’s Crush (Say Anything)

Things to Do in the Snow

Decorating the Christmas Tree

Sweaters Weather

Red & Green Christmas Rap

Double Play Trailer

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    • Taylor,

      We have copies of some older stuff posted. If it’s not posted, we may not have a copy of it available. I can try to track down some of the older senior videos though and post them when I get a chance. It may not be right away, but I’ll try to get to it when I’m able to work my way through my neverending to-do list.

      Thanks for your interest and for checking out the site. I hope all is well with you.

    • Katlyn, I looked for it, but I wasn’t able to locate a copy in our archives. That doesn’t mean I won’t eventually be able to find a dvd copy that I can use to bring it up online, but it hasn’t worked out yet.

  1. Hey,
    I was reminiscing on BTB today, and I was wondering where I could find the funny synopses of common English class books. Is it posted here?

  2. Hey Shack anyway you could make a 12-13 classics section? I love watching our old psa’s but i cant always remember the names; having the best all in one place would be a lot easier.

    • I will work on this Jr, not sure when I’ll be able to make it come together, but it will be a goal I’ll set out to accomplish, and I’ll make sure I get it done as soon as possible to organize the archives more up-to-date and more easy to navigate. Thanks for checking in, hope all is well with you!

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