Before the Bells (Social Distancing Ep. 2)

Our Marshfield Student Broadcasting students continue to show their resilience by overcoming the challenges that have complicated our production process in the new era of distance learning.

As we explained last week, MSB is aiming to produce one show each week for the duration of the current school closure. All videos included in these shows will have been created with strict adherence to social distancing guidelines. Students are not allowed to work together on videos, unless they are siblings who live together. #WeRMarshfield

• Why We Do It (by Jessie O’Brien)
• AFS Club Michigan Trip highlights (by Kelsey Sweeney)
• Keeping Up With The Adams’ – Episode 2 (by Joe Adams)
• Quarantine Cooking (by Meg Burns)
• Strawberry Fields (by Matt Killion)
• Mini-NBA Pregame Show (by Josh Bracken)
• Family Corn Hole Championship (by Billy Mankavech)
• 3D Printing for a Great Cause (by Noah Braunstein)

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