Music Video Project 2016

The annual MSB Music Video Project is a term-long endeavor in Telecommunications 1 classes. Students are charged with creating music videos that incorporate a higher level of artistry, imagery, and symbolism than are found in some of our other video products (i.e. the comedy shorts often produced as content for “Before the Bells”). When the videos are finished, the project becomes a competition, and all 5 Telecom classes vote on the videos to award a winner. This year’s crop of videos was our deepest ever, with 16 of the 24 videos scoring well enough (as rated by peer voters) to qualify for broadcast on “Before the Bells.”

1st Place: Eddie Byrne & Nicole Montana
Shack’s take: Timely topic, excellent artistic lens, outstanding execution all around (acting, filming, and editing)

2nd Place: Brian Kurmin, Brenna Roberts, Eddie Weisser, Peter Kelleher
Shack’s take: A strong runner-up, this group continues to roll after excelling in our movie trailer project in term 2

3rd Place: Caroline Cavallo & Grabrielle Spano
Shack’s take: This video resonated across all 5 classes, editing to the music was a nice touch here

4th Place: Leah Strazdes, Sabrina Santaniello, Caroline Howlett, Jack Dumke
Shack’s take: This sort of video was attempted years ago and wasn’t executed crisply, but this video handled the topic well

5th Place: Riley McCarthy, Heidi Crabbe, Caroline Place
Shack’s take: One of the most truly unique products we’ve seen over the years in this competition

6th Place: Matt Gorman, Ryan Wheaton, Neil Ryan
Shack’s take: Well played here, camera angles and editing are underrated elements of this video

7th Place: Julie Apgar & Cam Rodriguez
Shack’s take: 7th place is great, but I was surprised this one didn’t score even higher with voters, some excellent work here

8th Place: Jack Fitzgerald, Andrew Lamb, Vinny Napolitano, Josh Eastman
Shack’s take: Tough year to take on this topic when 1st place video handled it so brilliantly, but this was a strong take on it as well

9th Place: Shane McGloin, Danny Defreitas, John Fahey
Shack’s take: Some nice camera work in spots here, this video was well respected by voters

10th Place: Alli MacVarish & Maggie Camelio
Shack’s take: The one-take progression shows excellent planning, and the theme hit the mark with many peer viewers

11th Place: Nikki Corbo, Julia Behm, Rachel Benson, Rose MacKinnon
Shack’s take: This one would’ve placed much higher in almost any other year, is a reflection of how deep the quality of this year’s videos went

12th Place: David Geddes & Charlie Graziano
Shack’s take: This one was lots of fun, brought lots of smiles and laughs to the voting room

13th Place: Christian Friedel & Jake Paress
Shack’s take: This one felt like it could’ve been a legit music video from the late 90’s or early 2000’s, another commentary on the depth of this year’s videos

14th Place: Cole Alexanderson & Kevin Perry-Gore
Shack’s take: The mask reveal is one of my favorite acted moments of this year’s videos, seems simple, but there’s more to it than one might think, a really a sharp moment here

15th Place: Colin Murray & Cole Barrows
Shack’s take: Creative camera work + beautiful dog, what’s not to like?

16th Place: Connor Scribner, Justin Smith, Chris McLeod, Jacob Qualter
Shack’s take: Polarizing with voters, some of the elements were confusing to some viewers, while others found it highly creative and unique (which is how I viewed it)

Sophie Meuse & Clairemarie Gemmill

Olivia Thompson, Emily Nagle, Jill Leahy, Neeve Pendergast

Leah Strazdes

James Bland, Lauren Marchioni, Paul Parker, Jake Decoste

Noah Gilmore, Rob Mayhew

Aidan Burchill, Gavin Admirand, Neal Parry, P.J. Edwards

Courtney Conway & Abby Moss

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