Football 2014 @ Nauset

Due to a bizarre confluence of events, the Rams bus ride to Nauset took 3.5 hours on Friday night. Yes, you read that right, and it’s not an exaggeration. Anyway, despite a serious case of bus legs (and at times a case of bus brain), the Rams finally pulled away in the 4th quarter to wrap up a 25-7 victory over the Warriors.

The Rams will have a chance to wrap up the Atlantic Coast League title with a Homecoming win next week against Sandwich.



The frustrating ruling on the play that ended the first half is touched on in the highlight reel above, but it’s explained more clearly below with the original look at it that we posted earlier in the day. Here’s the context…

After beating Nauset with a walk-off touchdown on the final play of the game last year in Marshfield, Danny Dalton scored a similarly spectacular touchdown on the final play of the first half this year, but he wasn’t given credit for it; instead, the ref ruled that he was out of bounds, even though video confirms that he tapped his left foot down in bounds before falling out of bounds. We don’t bring this up in a sour grapes sort of way by any means, but it was disappointing to not have the play recorded as an official touchdown and to see the celebration on film that should have accompanied such an outstanding play.

The play should have been the culmination of an impressive sequence of coaching and player execution by the Rams, as Marshfield turned the ball over to Nauset at the 2 yard line with 41 seconds remaining in the half. However, the Rams called timeouts on 3 quick stops to force a punt, taking over at the 39 yard line with 15 seconds remaining. A 20-yard completion from quarterback Jack Masterson to Dalton set up one final play, which you see on film below.

So despite the way it was officially ruled, we wanted to give the play its just due by recognizing what an outstanding athletic play it was and how effectively the end of the half was executed by Rams players and coaches.

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