Before the Bells Trial Episode #1 (2014-2015)

The 22nd season of “Before the Bells” was supposed to get started with the trial episode available below. This episode was set to air on Friday September 25th, but a series of test broadcasts over the few days leading up to the 25th revealed that our MediaCast system (which broadcasts our video signal throughout the school) still has too many glitches that need fixing. So it turns out that despite our best efforts, our premiere in homerooms will have to wait a bit longer after all. Fiddlesticks. But we’ll get there eventually.

As for the show itself, the studio is still not yet fully installed, so this show was filmed without our full arsenal of equipment, but it gives viewers a general idea of what our show should end up looking like moving forward. We’re hoping to iron out some details from this trial show and achieve our goal of getting on the air daily in (hopefully) 2 weeks or so, but a lot of that depends on when the MediaCast system issues are resolved.

* Football Highlights
* This is Passion (Belichick Speech Video…w/ “Boom Clap” song)

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