Mike Giordano Memorial Video

We’re packing things up and heading over to the new MHS now that school is over. Pretty much all the old VHS tapes are long gone by now; we haven’t even had a VCR hooked up in the studio for nearly a decade now. However, there are a few old keepsakes still remaining, and it’s time to digitize them (and preserve what little video quality remains), or we’ll end up losing them forever. So here’s the first of a few truly old school items we’ll get posted over the next few weeks.

The first one here is about as important as it gets. For those who don’t know the story, Mike Giordano was driving his car, on his way home from work on a school night, when he was killed in an accident caused by a reckless driver. Geo was one of the best to ever walk the halls of Marshfield High School, and 22 years later, he’s still missed every day by pretty much anyone who knew him.

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  1. I was too young to know mike, but never forgot that name. Lovely tribute with tearjerker songs that bring me back.

  2. You had just befriended my son Chuck…….I look at the picture of you two playing pool on the video. My son had a very difficult time when you left. Just so you know we will never forget that night on the 6th of October. We remember sadly you on it every year. Chuck has your initials on his hat that was his graduation picture. You were so loved by all, Maura, Chuck, too many to name, I am sure the whole school! Thank you “Geo” for what you left for all your friends. Memories that will never leave their hearts.

  3. Mike was a pretty good baseball player but should always be more remembered for the person he was. When news of his passing came out, his locker was decorated in memoriam and stayed that way for the rest of the school year. Everyone who knew him loved him and there was a great void created when he left us. It’s been just past 24 years since he’s been gone from this Earth, and the MHS community still remembers.

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