MSB Makes the 11:00 Boston News

On one hand, we thoroughly appreciated WBZ coming down to Marshfield and covering the MHS hockey banquet last week to do a story updating the well-publicized injury of star forward Chris Perry. Anytime a major market news outlet comes down to recognize a positive story in our community, we typically feel both honored and excited. So in general, that’s exactly how we felt about this piece, aired last Saturday (March 26th) on the 11:00 news.

However, the one extra unique thing we found about this particular story is that more than half of it is ours (literally, over 50% of this video–and we counted to be sure–is MSB footage…you can even hear our announcers in the background of the goal shots). So we still do feel honored, and even more than usual, because it turns out that our work is good enough for a major market news station to use on the 11:00 news, although it did seem a bit strange to us that more than half the piece came from an outside source, and yet the average WBZ viewer was left to assume that WBZ had been at the TD Garden covering the action, when they weren’t there at all.

Again, we can’t stress enough how much we appreciate WBZ going out of their way to cover our school, our team, and a great young man who went through significant adversity in the championship game; however, it would have been nice to see our contributions at least be cited, especially when our work comprised over half the video. Therefore, we decided that we’d post their piece on our site, but we made note of the shots that were taken directly from our MSB coverage; that way, we get to share the story itself, as well as MSB’s moment in the spotlight on the evening news.

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